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I've assembled as many interesting weather facts as I can to make this world weather trivia page. Obviously I didn't know all these facts off the top of my head. Some I discovered myself, but the I had to hunt around for the vast majority. The internet was, needless to say, a particulary handy source, especially regarding American weather. Another good source proved to be old weather periodicals, such as The Meteorological Magazine  which seemed much more intent on facts and figures than research. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you'll find a list of sources. Incidentally, if any of these facts turn out to be wrong, or records quoted get broken please  and let me know. Thanks.

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Nov 1
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Nov 2
1961 Highs reach 28.9C at Atlanta, Georgia, the hottest November day on record here. 7

Nov 3
1924 Temperatures at Geneva, Switzerland reached 23C; between 1851 and 1900 temperatures over 23C were recorded just once here. 23

Nov 4
1927 Vermont registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 222.8mm rain falls at Somerset. 11
1946 The UK records its hottest November day on record when highs reach 21.7C in Prestatyn, Wales.
1994 The Netherlands records its hottest November day on record when highs reach 21.1C in Oost Maarland and Beek

Nov 5
1948 A waterspout makes landfall on the northern Dutch island of Vlieland and crosses the weather station there. A gust of 202km/h is measured as the whirlwind crosses the weather station and this is the strongest gust of any sort ever recorded in the Netherlands.
2001 Hurricane Michelle crosses Cuba, killing 5 people, devastating crops and leaving the western half of the island without electricity. 100,000 - 500,000 are evacuated and in Havana 180 buildings collapse and 1200 trees are blown down. With winds up to 135mph it's the strongest hurricane here in 50 years and Michelle goes on to cause some damage in Nassau, the Bahamas.

Nov 6
1921 Winds gust to 162km/h at Hook of Holland in the Netherlands, the strongest non tornadic gust ever recorded in the Netherlands.
1951 Heavy snow fell over an area extending from the Texas Panhandle to the Lower Great Lakes. Record amounts of snow fell in some places, including 31-32cms at St. Louis, Missouri and 35-36cms at Springfield, Missouri. Meanwhile at Nevada, Missouri just over 50cms snow fell.
1953 An intense storm over the eastern seaboard of the USA produced 98mph gusts at Block Island just off the Rhode Island coast. The storm also dumped 68-69cms snow on the mountains in Pennsylvania, just over 10cms snow on Washington DC and just over 20cms snow on Philadelphia.
1959 Hawkins Hill on North Island, New Zealand records winds touching 248 km/h, the windiest weather ever recorded on North Island. 12
1988 A deep low over the Great Lakes dumped 61cms snow on the shore of Lake Superior and 91-92cms snow on the Porcupine Mountain area of upper Michigan. The 44cms snow that fell on Marquette, Michigan is a November 24 hour snowfall record here.
1994 157.2mm rain fell in 24 hours on Downtown San Francisco, the wettest 24 hour period on record here.

Nov 7
2001 Typhoon Lingling kills 54 and leaves 110 missing in Camiguin, southern Phillipines. 5 days later Lingling struck Vietnam killing at least 18.

Nov 8
1966 San Francisco records its hottest November day on record when highs peak at 30C. 19

Nov 9
1914 After 767 the USA's longest dry spell on record at Bagdad, Calfornia comes to an end and it finally rains here. 7

Nov 10
1915 11 people are killed when a tornado strikes Great Bend, Kansas. 19

Nov 11
1099 A violent North Sea storm kills approx. 100,000 people in England and the Netherlands. 7
1929 Wales' wettest day on record; 211mm rain falls in 24 hours at Rhondda, Gwent. 4
1990 A F4 tornado strikes Mobara, Japan causing severe damage and injuring 60. A tornado of this magnitude in this area is extremely unusual. 7

Nov 12
1906 Highs in Craftonville, California reach 41C, the hottest November day on record in the USA. 19

Nov 13
1963 The wettest day on record in Madrid, Spain with 73.4mm rain falling. 10
1970 500,000 people are killed in Bangladesh as a cyclone sweeps across the nation bringing a 15 metre storm surge with it. Over 50 million people end up being affected by the rain, wind and storm surge. 7

Nov 14
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Nov 15
2001 219.7mm rain falls in 24 hours in Austin, Texas.

Nov 16
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Nov 17
1910 464.8mm rain falls in 24 hours at Riposto, Sicily, Italy. 23

Nov 18
1421 The St. Elizabeth's flood, the Netherlands. 10,000 people are killed and 72 villages are swept away when waves from an intense North Sea storm breach coastal defences. 7
1931 Winds gust to 201.1km/h at Cape Hopes Advance in Quebec, the strongest gust ever recorded in Canada.

Nov 19
1996 Oregon registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 295.9mm rain falls at Port Orford. 11

Nov 20
2001 5 people are killed during thunderstorms on Tenerife. 87mm rain falls in Las Palmas whilst in Santa Cruz 84mm rain falls; the average November rainfall here is 45mm.

Nov 21
1798 A snowstorm between the 19th and 21st dumps deep snow over an area extending from Maryland to Maine. 30cm snow falls on New York City and New Haven and up to 90cm snow falls on parts of Maine and New Hampshire. 7
1981 The UK's largest tornado outbreak. 150 tornadoes broke out over England and Wales during a 5 and a quarter hour period. Most of the tornadoes were very weak.

Nov 22
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Nov 23
1909 Idaho registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 182.1mm rain falls at Rattlesnake Creek. 11

Nov 24
1981 The Philippines is struck by Typhoon Irma. 236 are killed and hundreds of thousands are left homeless. It's the worst typhoon here in a decade. 7
1986 Washington registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 362.2mm rain falls at Mount Mitchell #2. 11
1999 A rare fall of snow affected northern Spain where some mountain villages were isolated and where snow fell as far south as Barcelona. 29

Nov 25
1926 53 people are killed as a tornado hits Belleville and Portland, Arkansas. 7

Nov 26
1970 The world's wettest minute on record; 38mm rain falls in just 60 seconds at Barot on Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. 6

Nov 27
1912 It snowed in northern Florida, the only time on record snow has fallen in this region during November. 7
2001 82.3mm rain falls in 24 hours in Honululu. Since March 1997 less rain than this fell every month!

Nov 28
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Nov 29
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Nov 30
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