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I've assembled as many interesting weather facts as I can to make this world weather trivia page. Obviously I didn't know all these facts off the top of my head. Some I discovered myself, but the I had to hunt around for the vast majority. The internet was, needless to say, a particulary handy source, especially regarding American weather. Another good source proved to be old weather periodicals, such as The Meteorological Magazine  which seemed much more intent on facts and figures than research. If you scroll to the bottom of this page you'll find a list of sources. Incidentally, if any of these facts turn out to be wrong, or records quoted get broken please  and let me know. Thanks.

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Feb 1
1916 Seattle’s greatest 24 hour snowfall; 54.6cm snow falls. The storm that caused this snowfall persisted for 3 days dumping a total of 82.6cm snow on the city causing the dome of the cathedral to collapse under the weight of the snow. 7
1951 An ice storm extending from Texas to Pennsylvania produces glaze up to 10cm thick, kills 25 people and leaves another 500 seriously injured. Tennessee is worst hit. 7
1953 Severe flooding over parts of the Netherlands and eastern and south-eastern England. Winds reach 125mph at Aberdeen, Scotland, 300 are killed by flooding in eastern and southeastern England whilst a storm surge up to 4m high breaches coastal defences in the Netherlands leaving one sixth of the country underwater. 7
1968 The Australian capital Canberra records its hottest day on record as highs peak at 42.2C. 13
1978 Malaysia's coldest night on record; lows drop to 7.8C at Cameron Highlands.
1985 Colorado's coldest night on record; lows at Maybell drop down to -51.7C. It's also the coldest night on record in Utah where lows drop down to -56.1C in Peter's Sink. 9
1994 New Mexico's coldest night on record; lows drop to -45.6C at Gavilan. 9

Feb 2
1893 906.8mm rain falls in 24 hours at Beerwah, Quuewnsland, Australia. 23
1996 Minnesota registers its coldest night on record as lows in Tower drop down to -51.1C. 9

Feb 3
1917 Downtown Miami records its coldest weather since records began in 1911 as temperatures drop to -3C. 19
1947 Canada and North America's coldest night on record; lows drop to -63.0C at Snag in the Yukon.
1963 The USA's hottest February day on record; highs reach 41C at Montezuma, Arizona. 19
1996 Iowa's joint coldest night on record; lows drop to -43.9C at Elkader. 9

Feb 4
2002 Between 1 and 4 February Jakarta suffers its worst floods for decades. At least 67 are killed and 330,000 are made homeless. As if that's not enough, thousands more homes were then flooded in other waves of flooding on February 14th and 22nd. 2
2003 The fantastically named northern Dutch town of Sexbierum (sadly it’s name has nothing to do with sex or beer!!) was hit by a tornado which caused millions of euros damage greenhouses containing peppers and cucumbers. Two people also received cuts to their hands and heads.

Feb 5
1887 San Francisco's greatest snowstorm was on the 4th and 5th when 9cm snow fell. In the hills in the western section of the city as much as 18cm snow fell. 19
1924 A storm of Gibraltar covers the summit of The Rock with hail colouring it white. Contemporary reports indicated that the top of the Rock of Gibraltar had not been white since at least 1874. 23
1963 Madrid, Spain's coldest night on record; lows drop to -14.8C. 10
1996 Rhode Island's coldest night on record; lows drop to -31.7C at Greene. 9

Feb 6
1933 Asia, and the former Soviet Union's, joint coldest night on record. Lows drop to -69.8C at Oimekon. 7
1978 New England's greatest snowstorm on record. 69cm snow falls at Boston leaving the city snowbound. Meanwhile in Rhode Island 97cm snow falls. 19

Feb 7
1892 Asia, and the former Soviet Union's, joint coldest night on record. Lows drop to -69.8C at Verhoyansk in Siberia. 13
1973 New Zealand's hottest day on record. On the South Island temperatures reached 42.4C at Jordan and Rangoria whilst on the North Island temperatures peaked at 39.2C in Ruatoria.

Feb 8
1933 Texas' joint coldest night on record; lows drop to -30.6C at Seminole. 9
1991 Paris wakes up to a jolly nippy start; lows had dropped to -12.2C. 7

Feb 9
1933 Wyoming's coldest night on record; lows drop to -54.4C at Riverside. 9
1934 Michingan's coldest night on record; lows drop to -46.2C at Vanderbilt. 9

Feb 10
1899 Ohio's coldest night on record; lows drop to -39.4C at Milligan. 9
1933 Oregon's joint coldest night on record; lows drop to -47.8C at Seneca. 9

Feb 11
1895 The UK's joint coldest night on record and the coldest February night on record; temperatures drop to a low of -27.2C at Braemar, Aberdeenshire in Scotland.
1921 Very unsettled over Gibraltar; on the 10th 51mm rain falls in 24 hours and on the 11th 102mm falls in 24 hours, this time accommpanied by occasional thunder and, in the evening, gales. 23
1929 Austria's coldest night on record; lows drop to -36.6C at Zwettl.
1935 Africa records its coldest night on record when lows at Ifrane in Morrocco drop down to -23.9C. 13
1956 Barcelona's coldest night on record. Lows dropped to -10.0C. 10
1970 New Hampshire registers its record maximum 24 hour precipitation as 263.7mm rain falls at Mount Washington. 11
1999 Canada registers its record maximum 24 hour snowfall as 145.0cm snow falls at Tahtsa Lake, British Columbia.

Feb 12
1899 Nebraska's coldest night on record; lows drop to -43.9C at Camp Clarke. 9
1929 Germany's coldest night on record; lows drop to -37.8C at Hüll.
1958 It snows over northern Florida and the gulf coast. Snow falls over most of northern Florida, including a record 7cm at state capital Tallahassee. A ship also reports heavy snow 25 miles south of the Alabama coast. 7

Feb 13
1899 The Great Arctic Outbreak in Florida. This is Florida's most widespread heavy snowfall on record. Snow flurries were observed as far south as the Fort Myers - Fort Pierce line (which runs just north of Lake Ocheekobee) and in the Florida panhandle close to 8cm snow fell in some places. Temperatures also dropped to -19C in Tallahassee, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Florida. It was also Louisiana's coldest night on record; here lows dropped to -26.7C in Minden. Find out more about this cold snap at this link.
1905 Arkansas' coldest night on record; lows at Pond drop down to -33.9C. It's also the coldest night on record in Missouri and Kansas where lows drop to -40.0C in Warsaw (Missouri) and Lebanon (Kansas). 9
1958 Tallahassee's deepest snowfall on record. Close to 8cm snow fell in a five hour spell during the early hours of the 13th.
1998 The UK records its mildest February day on record when highs reach 19.7C at Greenwich, London.

Feb 14
1899 Snow has fallen along the coastal bend of Texas on just a handful of occasions since the American Civil War in the 1860's/70's. All of these occasions were before 1900. One such occasion was the 14th in 1899 when 8cm snow fell at Brownsville, Texas, almost the furthest south in the USA that snow has been observed. Since then snow has fallen a few times at Brownsville, but hasn't settled on the ground. 19
2004 Temperatures reach 44.3C in Adelaide during a heatwave which saw the city's longest spell of maximum temperatures above 30C on consecutive days on record. This is the hottest February day on record here, and the 3rd hottest day recorded here. 24

Feb 15
1895 A snowstorm on the 14th-15th dumps 20.8cm snow on New Orleans, the greatest snowstorm on record here. Meanwhile, in Texas 39cm fell at Galveston and 51cm fell at Houston. 19
1936 North Dakota's coldest night on record; lows drop to -51.1C at Parshall. 9

Feb 16
1925 The UK's deepest single day snowfall below 300m. Around 180cm snow falls in 15 hours on the south-eastern fringe of Dartmoor. 15
1943 Connecticut's coldest night on record; lows at Falls Village drop down to -35.6C. 9
1966 New Zealand's wettest 60 minutes on record; 107mm rain falls in just one hour at Whenuapai. 12
2004 South Australia recorded its joint hottest February day on record when temperatures in Marree reached 47.9C, equalling the record set at Tarcoola on 17 February 1992. 24

Feb 17
1962 An intense storm over the North Sea centred just north of the Wadden Islands caused serious flooding in northwest Germany, especially in the area close to Hamburg where around 300 people were killed.
1994 South Dakota's coldest night on record; lows drop to -50.0C at McIntosh. 9
2003 The worst snowstorm since the infamous 1996 blizzard (when 80 were killed) affected northeast USA. In Boston 69-70cms snow fell, the highest single storm accumulation of snow here since records began in 1892. 61-62cms snow fell at Dulles Airport, Washington DC (the fifth worst snowstorm on record here), 47-48cms snow fell at Philadelphia and Central Park, New York had its fourth heaviest snowfall on record with just over 50cms snow. Baltimore also recorded its worst snowstorm on record with 71-72cms snow. The greatest amount of snow, however, fell at Berkley Springs, West Virginia where 93-94cms snow fell.

Feb 18
1979 New York state's joint coldest night on record; lows drop to -46.7C at Old Forge. 9
1996 Cuba's coldest night on record; lows drop to 0.6C at Bainoa.

Feb 19
1884 60 tornadoes kill at least 800 people in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. 19
1998 Western Australia records its hottest day on record when highs at Mardie reach 50.5C. It's also the 2nd hottest day on record in the whole of Australia. 13, 7

Feb 20
1918 810.3mm rain falls in 24 hours at Honomu, Hawaii. 23
1921 New York's worst snowstorm in 20 years; more than 30cm snow falls in 10 hours. 23

Feb 21
1971 58 people are killed by a tornado in Pugh City, Mississippi.  19
2002 Thunderstorms over northern Bolivia between the 19th and 21st February. La Paz gets its heaviest rain in 50 years and with at least 69 killed in flooding, rain and hailstorms it's the most destructive storm in the city's history. 2

Feb 22
2002 123mm rain falls in 24 hours at Hope, BC in Canada, the wettest February day on record there. The old record was 105.7mm rain on 9th February 1951. Meanwhile, the average February precipitation is 172mm here. The same storm dumped 71mm rain on Victoria, 60mm of it in just 12 hours, and 68mm rain at West Vancouver.
2004 A heatwave across Queensland starting on 10 Feb led to a number of long-standing records being broken. Brisbane airport recorded its hottest day on record when highs reached 40.2C, shattering the previous record of 35.8C set on 2 February 1958. In the city of Brisbane itself highs reached 41.7C, the hottest February day on record here. A number of other places across Queensland set record February highs and record high maximum temperatures on the same day. 24

Feb 23
1802 A massive snowstorm affects the New England coast dumping 122cm snow to an area north of Boston as well as wrecking 3 large ships off Cape Cod. 7
1921 It snowed in Athens, Greece. 23

Feb 24
1982 Malaysia's joint hottest day on record; temperatures reach 38.4C in Chuping.
1990 The Netherlands records its hottest February day on record when highs reach 20.4C in Oost Maarland.
2001 The USA's deadliest tornado of 2001; 8 people are killed in Pontotoc, Mississippi. This tornado measured F2 on the Fujita scale and was one of 17 tornadoes which affected Missouri, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Feb 25
1921 Heavy snow reported in Jerusalem. 23

Feb 26
1995 Between 22nd and 26th Cyclone Bobby causing widespread flooding over the Western Australia coast and dumping up to 300mm rain in some places. 7

Feb 27
2002 154mm rain falls in the 24 hours up to 12utc in Chillan, southern Chile. The average February precipitation here is just 16mm.

Feb 28
1900 A massive snowstorm dumps snow on an area extending from Kansas to New York. In some places it was a record breaking snowstorm, for example 44cm at Springfield, Illinois, 109cm at Rochester, New York and up to 152cm in the Adirondack Mountains, New York State. 7
1964 1,087mm rain falls in 9 hours at Belouve, La Reunion. By the time this storm eased off on the 29th, 1,689mm had fallen in just 18 and a half hours. 6

Feb 29
1952 5 tornadoes touched down in the USA. Three of them touched down in Tennessee where 4 people were killed and 166 injured at Marshall, Lincoln and Warren. The tornadoes measured F2 or F3 on the Fujita Scale. 30

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