Here's a picture of a penguin taken at the north end of the runway at Rothera Research Station. There are 17 species of penguin in the world and this is an Adelie Penguin, the smallest species of penguin that lives in Antarctica. The Emperor Penguin is the 'classic' penguin with the yellow bits etc. They can get quite tall (over a metre). When I think about penguins (not that often admittedly) I often wonder what the first humans who saw penguins in their natural environment thought they were. Anyway, you can find out all about penguins at Penguins by Species, Penguins Around the World, Peter and Barbara's Penguin FAQ and The Penguins FAQ. Penguins have no natural predators on land in the Antarctic so they aren't too scared of humans. By moving slowly and keeping low I was able to get to within a metre or two of this penguin. Then my camera battery ran out.