My holiday photos from Japan, Aug 1998)
1200 JST, Thurs 6 Aug '98 - flew into Tokyo 1200 JST, Fri 7 Aug '98 - Bullet train to Hakata
1200 JST, Sat 8 Aug '98 - Nagasaki 1200 JST, Sun 9 Aug '98 - Nagasaki
1200 JST, Mon 10 Aug '98 - Nagasaki 1200 JST, Tues 11 Aug '98 - Fukuoka
1200 JST, Wed 12 Aug '98 - Kumumota/Kagoshima 1200 JST, Thurs 13 Aug '98 - Kagoshima
1200 JST, Fri 14 Aug '98 - Fukuoka 1200 JST, Sat 15 Aug '98 - near Fukuoka
1200 JST, Sun 16 Aug '98 - near Fukuoka 1200 JST, Mon 17 Aug '98 - Fukuoka
1200 JST, Tues 18 Aug '98 - Kyoto 0900 JST, Wed 19 Aug '98 - flew out of Osaka

There were a few meteorological highlights. The heat and the humidity made me sweat "like a swampdonkey in a heatwave on Blackpool beach" (legendary darts commentator Sid Wardell, circa December 1997). On the first day I was in Japan (the 6th) I was in Tokyo and within 300 metres of the famous Tokyo Tower (click here for Tokyo Tower web cam), but it was so misty I couldn't see it for looking. In the early evening it thundered. I spent most of my vacation in the south of Japan where occasionally the sun shone, which was nice, and it felt as though temperatures were in the low to mid 30's. The best bit of weather came at the end of my holiday on the 17th. Whilst doing a spot of shopping in Fukuoka (click here or here to find out more about this city) it rained like I don't know what. I have never seen a torrent like it. It was like being under a bathroom shower! Needless to say there was a bit of thunder too. The storm lasted a good 3 to 4 hours, and when it cleared in the late afternoon conditions became quite misty from my vantage point at a bar on the top of an office block where for riduculously few yen me and my gaijin chums quaffed fine ales until squiffy. Have a look at this web page to see some photos of what the very pleasant city of Fukuoka looks like.

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Dan Suri, 19 April 2001